We are a military-like move of love, mercy, generosity and healing in the heart of Columbus, OH.

The Turning Point Home is the operational arm of the Normandy Project. We provide a home for women who have backgrounds in human trafficking and have completed a 1-2 year recovery program as well as two years of sobriety.

What if all our city needs is more goodness?

Watch this short video from our leadership team to learn about the vision behind the mission. 

What we do

A home for women to further their journey towards wholeness.

We provide a sober living home for previously trafficked women where they can learn to live independently through mentoring, support and encouragement. In addition, on-site classes are offered in areas of trauma recovery, healthy boundaries, life skills, employment skills, parenting skills, culinary skills, exercise and more.

Hand crafted, not-mass produced.

We believe in a model of transformation that is powerful, personal and lasting. This is a home, not an assembly line. This is a place where the women will be treated as guests of honor, highly prized, responsible and valued daughters of the King.

why we do it

To gain powerful foothold of change in our city.

We are driven by a passion to see darkness overwhelmed with light and transformed lives that would become ambassadors of hope and healing in our city and beyond.


The Normandy Project aims to support the community through The Turning Point Home by aiding in the restoration of at-risk people group as defined by the city being served. This approach encompasses a variety of methods from housing to educating and training classes.


The Normandy Project's goal is to be an agent of hope to the communities we serve. We prioritize empowerment and independence. It is our belief that equipping people with tools, resources and confidence is what yields long-term success.


It is of utmost importance to the Normandy Project's mission to invest in communities on both a social and economic level. The Normandy Project looks for opportunities within a city's economics to invest through profitable business that will serve the local community.

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Contact Information

Email:  info@normandyproject.com

Phone: 614-793-8900